Our Service

Ultrasound MachinesWe offer a wide range of services i.e.; repairs, emergency, regular preventive maintenance and full Service Contracts. We will guarantee your ultrasound system operation to OEM specifications. All repairs will include OEM parts plus we offer you 90 days warranty. Our preventive maintenance will include a rigorous inspection, cleaning inside and outside, biomedical safety test, backup ultrasound system application and operational presets, inspection of all ultrasound probes, system calibration, system operational test and diagnostic test. We will give a full report of all tests performed for your records.

If you have been through a service call; you know by now how expensive service is, not to mention downtime for your patients. This is why we created a great variety of service contracts to meet every customer needs.

Service Contracts

  • We can offer full or partial service contracts. Depending on your particular situation; which will include a determined amount of service calls and preventive maintenances to guarantee your system is always working according to OEM specifications. Contact us today so we can give you a personalized quote that meets your specific needs.
  • Portable System

    If you have a portable system and would like to send it to our facility for repair, maintenance or a regular inspection, we will give you a detailed outline of the problem and most of the time send it back within 3 business days.
  • Response Time

    More important, you wouldn’t have to wait days to hear from us, our response time for service is within 30 minutes of your call and sometimes, same day appointments are available or we will schedule the most convenient time for you.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of engineers will provide excellent service and will listen to your needs and situation to give you the best service care. We will respond promptly with care and precision. Ultrasound Engineer Service is our business model. We will do our best to build a long and lasting customer relationship. We take pride in providing the best for our customers.


Thinking About Buying a Refurbished System? ...

You may consider our new and unique approach when making this decision.

We will inspect your current system at a discounted flat rate. Contact us and we will help you decide if this is the best solution for you. Once you decide this is the right approach we can then refurbish your system and help you save at least 50% of the buying cost of a new system.

Consider this:

  • A refurbished system is not more than a used ultrasound system from a previous customer that went through the same process we are going to take yours, of course depending of the company you getting it from; this is the reason why they offer you to trade in; what you don’t know is that discount is already priced in.
  • You will be amazed on the amount of money you will save by comparing our quote to a similar refurbished system from another company.
  • You will get the same warranty for almost half of the price and keep a system you are familiar with.
  • If all of this doesn’t make sense to you, then we will help you find the system of your dreams.

    Contact us now so you can experience a new level of customer satisfaction.


    Problems With Peripherals? ...

    Any issues with you Thermal Printer, VCR, Ultrasound Probes or any other Medical equipment related to ultrasound machines, etc ... We can help too! ... Give us a call or use our contact form to get in touch with us and we will evaluate it for you at no cost at all. (This is applicable to Portable Ultrasound Systems and Peripherals only, the client is responsible for the shipping and handling)


    Areas of Services

    Our home is in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. We offer onsite support throughout the state of Florida.
    Portable Ultrasound Units, Ultrasound Probes and Peripherals can be shipped to us from any state or country for inspection or repair.
    For more information use our contact form or call (727) 504-5745.


    What our clients are saying ...

    Excellent service, Very dependable, Fast response, Extremely knowledgeable. We have a system that not too many companies wanted to work on. AUS (All Ultrasound Services) checked it out and got it working within minutes. I recommend their service to all my colleagues. Elba ... Gulfcoast Institute of OB/GYN

    Thank you so much for your help with our machines. You and your company have been great!. Kim Truett ... MountCastle Vein Centers